• Please ask to DM [it's usually ok].

  • Please use tone indicators.

  • We don't typically accept friend requests unless it's for "business" purposes (related to commissions, about being a mod for an emoji server, etc).

  • Please do not ever send us unsolicited discourse, this has repeatedly caused us negative symptoms (anxiety/panic attacks/breakdowns/splits). If you're on the DNI list, just please leave us alone

about us!

Bodily adult, White, USA, traumagenic, disabledHe/him, they/them, bigay, see

We're a bunch of different alters in a trauma-based multiple system. We have DID, PTSD and several other things. Our system has a high member count, not sharing much more than that though. We prefer to not really share a lot of info about us online. We can't always determine current fronter, so just using they/them and calling us frogverbal or emojis-are-cool is fine.
Emojis are a special interest for us! We are very interested in the history of emojis, looking at them, collecting emojis people have made, editing emojis - especially wordmojis/nonverbal emojis, but just generally all types of emojis too.

do not interact:

  • Anti endogenic systems. (You think endogenics don't exist, think that endogenics are claiming to have DID/OSDD without trauma, or try to claim endogenics consider themselves transID related. Or you speak over Tibetan people when you're not Tibetan in conversations about tulpamancy.)

  • Incest/pedophilia/rape/zoo enjoyer, fictional or IRL. Or if you identify as proship/profiction/comship/doveship/any other term to mean that you support these.

  • LGBT infighter. (Against pronoun nonconformity, mspec lesgays, aces/aros, pans/omnis, xenogender, etc or you try to force everyone to use the gender/orientation labels you think they should use.)

  • Radqueer, transID, transrace, transage, or any other label that means you think it is acceptable, fun, or queer to "identify as" a race, condition, or age that you are not.

  • Support suicide baiting (Including "jokingly" telling people to kill themself in your Discord status/pronouns/bio).

  • Supporters/users/mods of the Cute Emojis servers. (Click here for information - CW suicide baiting, anti endogenics, and also art theft)

  • Supporters of randomcartoonbro/emojifarm. (Click here for information - CW ableism, victim blaming, anti endogenics mention)

we are not comfortable with you following us on social media or joining servers we run.

(^ These last two points are not encouragement to harass these users. Don't do that.)
We are uncomfortable with the above, and interacting anyway or interacting to mock us isn't going to make us any more comfortable.
If us having these boundaries is a problem for you, it's probably for the best that you don't use our emojis.

frequently asked questions

can you make this emoji?

  • Most likely! We like requests. Information about what we will and won't do is on the requests page.

can you edit this emoji you made to be a different color?

  • Yes! We're always okay with color change edits if you don't like it for whatever reason.

can you make an emoji server for XYZ?

  • Maybe. Making an entire emoji server takes a lot of work. We're okay with taking suggestions, but we can't promise we can make anything.

why have a DNI on emojis?

  • TDLR - Strangers online are allowed to set a rule for resources they post for free. Don't be weird.

  • Yes - Everyone needs to communicate! But when I've asked very nicely before, these groups specifically have harassed myself and my system, fakeclaimed us, triggered us, and misgendered us all because we have them on our DNI.

  • (Some examples: Anti-endogenic proshippers joined one of our servers - where we ask that there is no NSFW because many members are minors - and spammed the server with over 300 messages, most containing written NSFW and gore while the mods weren't available. A proshipper once made an entire sideblog to reblog our post where we said we were triggered by proship interaction to say "wow you think drawings are the same thing as real people?" Which we do not believe... We just don't want them to interact.) I think we have the right to say "I don't want to interact with you, please don't follow me on social media, and please don't use my work."

i don't know what this thing on the DNI page means, can you explain?

  • Yes! Our protector sat down and wrote a long explanation. Click here.

"i'm on the DNI going to join/use your stuff anyway >:)"

That's weird that you think other people's boundaries don't apply to you because you disagree with them. This causes us major paranoia and has harmed us before. It's not okay. How would you feel if we did that to you? Why is it that the safety, preferences, and health of anti proshippers/pro-endos/etc don't matter, but yours does..?
That's just weird. Genuinely. Take off the discourse goggles for a second and forget about being Right On The Internet. Would this be okay if someone at your school/work/etc did this to you..? If you said, "hey that makes me uncomfortable," and the other person said "well, I think that your opinions on the topic are wrong, therefore what you're asking of me doesn't matter at all!"
If you're on the DNI and want the emojis so bad, check out our Ko-Fi shop to download the PNG files.

terms of use for using our emojis:


  • Use emojis we've made on the following sites/platforms: Discord/Skype/Slack/Telegram/iMessage/Mastodon/Twitch/YouTube, text messages, Tumblr messages and asks, or AAC communication

  • Link back to our carrd as credit for the emojis

  • Ask us to make custom edited versions of our emojis for you if you'd like a different color

also note:

  • By using the emojis we've made, you're agreeing to these terms.

  • Please always credit us when using our stuff. We make emojis/wordmojis for FREE, as a hobby. Please remember you are not entitled to free resources made by strangers online and access to them is a privlege, and understand that if you refuse to follow our clearly written rules for usage, it is probably best to just go use somebody else's emojis. We're not dumb, we're aware of people who break our rules on purpose. Please avoid doing so if you'd like these emojis to stay available at all.


  • Use on Instagram/YouTube/any website not mentioned in "you can" UNLESS it's purely in your private messages to people

  • Claim as your own or use them without giving a clear link back/credit somewhere

  • Trace over our emojis / edit them / use them as a base (especially not for Cute Emojis/Cute Hangout servers)

  • Use emojis we posted for free if you are or support any of the points on the above "DNI" section. You can get emoji downloads from Ko-fi, and then use them after downloading from there. That's fine enough with me.)

  • Additionally, you are strictly forbidden from downloading a bunch of my emojis and making your own "radqueer/anti endo/proship safe" server to hold them for other exclus/anti endos/proshippers to use. This is specifically against my consent and we can and will contact Discord support about it if it happens. Using them in your small/private servers with friends and stuff is fine.

  • Blanket trigger warning for this section

what's cute hangout?

Cute Emojis was a Discord server that was stealing the emojis of dozens of artists by drawing over them (without permission or credit and against the wishes of multiple people who said they didn't want their emojis to be drawn over) and using a bot that would prevent anyone from sending messages with words like "stolen" or "traced", and mods would also block any user who joined to prevent them from asking for their emojis to be traced! The server owner eventually apologized and said that this was bad. But then they still created a new server (Cute Hangout) where they're still completely copying people's work. We've also had people use sockpuppet accounts to mock us for asking that Cute Hangout defenders don't interact - as if us asking that hurts them at all.
So, no one who is a staff member/member of the Cute Hangout server is welcome to use my emojis in any fashion, follow me, or join my servers. I don't feel like I can trust those people. Apparently they're stealing even more art as of 8/26/2022. The post above was deleted, but we did see that it contained more proof of art theft.
Also: The Cute Hangout servers are anti-endo. We are openly, loudly, aggressively, pro system inclusion. So, if you're in their servers AND ours... You're breaking someone's DNI, surely.5/30/2023: Was sent evidence of Soft (original owner/main owner of all the Cute Emojis server) repeatedly harassing someone (telling them they were an awful person and guilt tripping them for not responding among other things). I cannot share these receipts, but they are very toxic and I'm just not comfortable interacting with Cute Hangout server users/defenders even more now.

what do these other words on the DNI mean?

  • pluralmedicalist / anti-endogenic / system gatekeeper / system fakeclaimer: someone who believes that all systems are disordered/that all forms of plurality come from having a disorder. plurality is the state of being more than one person in a body. it's just genuinely not true that only people with DID/P-DID/OSDD have systems, and it is xenophobic and ableist to try to say that you must have a disorder be the cause of your plurality. there are lots of non-american cultures where forms of plurality are normalized. one example is the tibetan buddhist practice of tulpamancy.

  • (In case you are confused: "Endogenic" just means "system was not caused by trauma." It doesn't mean "claims to have DID without trauma". We've never actually met a single endogenic who claimed that. It doesn't mean "wants to join conversations about having a traumagenic system despite not being one." It also doesn't mean "delusional." It is in fact, ableist to decide that you can decide what is going on in another person's head. If you're confused about endogenics in particular, we suggest these two links: endogenichub and kinhost!)

  • (Not only that, but we see a lot of people who are "anti-endogenic" spreading untrue things about non-traumagenic systems, and we've personally been hurt by them even though we are traumagenic. we no longer feel any safety around anti-endogenics, and do NOT want them anywhere near the servers that we run. Anti endogenics claim false things about endogenics (systems who don't attribute their origins to trauma), usually trying to say that endogenics are claiming they have DID (they aren't lol). and we've seen anti endogenics harass traumagenics who disagree with them too - we've literally personally been told multiple times that (despite the fact we're open about being traumagenic and having a diagnosis of DID) we actually MUST be FAKING having a system at all... because we defended non-traumagenics. And just that fact alone, apparently means we are faking. Fakeclaimers do NOT protect systems, they attack ANY kind of system if they act Too Fake and harm systems in general.)

  • (A few examples of harassment: Anti endo emoji makers breaking DNIs to falsely accuse of art theft, the anti endo who told us we "deserved" our panic attack and made jokes about misgendering us because we were pro endo, the many people whose bios on Discord say "endos DNI" who continue to join our servers even tho the rules/bot greetings/server names say not to... And a lot more!)

  • (Please note that we have DID and we have done our own research. You should also do your own. [Asking people on Instagram/Tumblr/TikTok who don't professionally study things is NOT research. Articles, blogs, established forums, research studies and other stuff is.])

  • exclusionist / lgbt infighter: people who waste time arguing with other lgbt people about whether they're "really" lgbt instead of fighting for lgbt rights, basically. here we mean anyone who excludes people who are rightly lgbt! pan, bi, ace, mspec gay/mespec lesbian, ply, omni, xenogender are all awesome groups that are REALLY valid and lgbt!

  • (we think the words "lgbt infighter" is more accurate than "exclusionist," since some people will call themselves against exclusionists... but then exclude mspec or nonbinary gay people, or pansexuals, etc. which is silly. basically we are against spending time fighting with your fellow lgbt/queer people for using labels "wrong" since most of the logic falls apart when you remember that multigender people and systems exist, and there are WAY bigger issues like death and systematic oppression lgbt people face... it's pretty much just respectability politics.)

  • transID/transX / transrace/diarace, transabled, transdisordered: transID is an umbrella term for people who are co-opting transgender language to try to say that someone can transition into or identify as a race, disability, or illness that they don't have. Unlike gender, these are really different parts of personhood that are very different.

  • (Here's two articles about why "transrace" isn't valid: One two )

  • Transage is a little different and we have sometimes seen people who don't feel like their age (because of trauma or something else) using it in good faith, but then we also encounter things like... people coining transage labels/pride flags... related directly to being attracted to being r4ped. Because of observing the "transage" community behaving this way: We are not comfortable being around the transage or any other transID community and do not want people who identify this way in our servers, especially since MANY of those servers are frequented by minors.

  • (endogenics and other non-traumagenics are not an example of transID. transID is a relatively new community that knowingly appropriates language from trans people. endogenics have existed in multiple cultures across the globe for generations, and this is really easy to see with a tiny bit of googling. if you think it's ok to imply endogenics are transdisordered or that these are the same thing - you are being xenophobic and racist and do not need to be interacting with us/joining our servers.)

  • radqueer: an "inclusive" label that means someone who thinks being an "inclusionist" should include transID and perhaps paraphilias. (people who deal with paraphilias are awesome and strong, but making pride flags and other weird things to embrace what you deal with isn't always a great idea, and having a paraphilia doesn't make you queer/lgbt.)

  • babyfur: someone whose kink entails roleplaying as a young/child anthro animal. this includes sexualizing the act of wearing diapers, watching children's cartoons, etc

  • consang: short for "consanguimory," 'consensual incest' - people who endorse relatives (siblings, parents, etc) having romantic and sexualize relationships with each other

  • proshipper: someone who is pro shipping incest/pedophilia in fiction and sexualizes this content/sees no problem with people who sexualize it.

  • other/similar terms to proshipper include: comshipper/anti-anti/"profiction"/consang/"ship and let ship"/"dead dove don't eat" - these groups are also included on the DNI, we don't want them in our servers or on our blog!

  • (they may also call themselves "anti harassment," as in they think that being told that this content is weird is harassment, but we've experienced multiple events of harassment from these types ourselves, so... we don't think that 'anti harassment' = proshipper, really. the following tumblr posts sums up our feelings.)

  • porn?: porn's not bad! we're not against it or anything. it's just not good for our mental health to have to interact with porn-centric accounts, so please don't. this matters less now that our tumblr blog is privated, but i'll keep the text here anyway. note that we still don't want nsfw-focused accounts that have nothing but porn/links to adult content joining our discord servers, since most of them are populated largely by minors.

"i'm going to join/use your stuff anyway >:)"

That's weird that you think other people's boundaries don't apply to you because you disagree with them. This causes us major paranoia and has harmed us before. It's not okay. How would you feel if we did that to you? Why is it that the safety, preferences, and health of anti proshippers/pro-endos/etc don't matter, but yours does..?
That's just weird. Genuinely. Take off the discourse goggles for a second and forget about being Right On The Internet. Would this be okay if someone at your school/work/etc did this to you..? If you said, "hey that makes me uncomfortable," and the other person said "well, I think that your opinions on the topic are wrong, therefore what you're asking of me doesn't matter at all!"
If you're on the DNI and want the emojis so bad, check out our Ko-Fi shop to download the PNG files.

  • Do not join these servers if you are on this DNI list. Let us have boundaries and don't break your own DNI pages to join servers just because you want emojis please! Users on the DNI who try to stay in servers in our network get banned from all our servers afterward, including future servers not listed here yet. We check.

  • Here is the Ban Appeals server. No one is banned from here, anyone can join to appeal a ban/kick/etc from other servers.

  • Please don't repost/take emojis from our servers! Some of them are only permitted to be in these servers in particular because we asked the original artists themselves for permission.

request information

how to request:

examples of stuff you can request:

requests we won't do:

  • anything discourse-related (we make these sometimes on our own, like for example we've made a "no gatekeeping" emoji but we prefer to do these at our own discretion only)

  • things relating to specific cultures we aren't a part of, unless the requester is of that culture (AAVE, ASL, etc)

  • anything related to countryhumans/countryballs or hetalia, or any other fandom that stereotypes cultures in a similar way

  • we won't do requests for these, but you can commission them: drawn emojis, wordmojis in our old blue style, different fonts in wordmojis, animated wordmojis in our style, discord stickers, blob edits

commission information

how to commission:

  • Contact us through our Hub Server, Patreon, DeviantArt or Ko-Fi to let us know what you're looking for.

  • If you want to, you can use Ko-Fi or DeviantArt's built-in shop features to just press the "Buy" button on the option you want! Otherwise, contact us and we will give you our payment information for you to manually send. We accept PayPal, Cashapp, or Venmo.

examples of stuff you can commission:

  • ^Custom blob edits. These are edits of Google's retired blob emojis. They can be holding a heart (with a pride flag/text/color/design), happily throwing something up in the air, or another action. I can add accessories to the blob, recolor it, and so on. $1 per blob.

  • ^Word emojis. As you can see, we've done word emojis in a bunch of styles! You can request the font, colors, and if you want images used in the words. The price for these varies based on the number of word emojis you want, and if the fonts you'd like are paid fonts. We can also discuss animating these!

  • ^Drawn emojis. These are emojis that we draw digitally, which can include drawing over meme/cursed emojis by artists who are okay with that! $1 per emoji, may vary based on complexity.

  • Loves to draw: Animals, smileys, TBH creatures, My Little Pony, Steven Universe

  • Can't draw: Mechs/Transformers

  • ^Discord stickers & ECards. These are images sized/formatted to be discord stickers (or you could just download them to send on any platform!)

  • We'll have you describe what you want the finished result to look like. Sketching out the idea you have in Ms Paint or something similar and letting us work off of that is also fine.

  • We can do these with edited stock assets or with original digital art from us.

  • With stock: $2 for 3 of them (+add animation for another $1 per each animated sticker)

  • With our art: $6 for 3 of them (+add animation for another $2 per each animated sticker)

  • ^Banners. these can be used to inform people of your DNI or just to decorate your posts!

  • You can choose whatever colors/patterns/fonts/aesthetics/layouts you like. (We always made our banners simple on purpose, better more detailed examples to come later...) We are not comfortable with doing banners that directly go against our own DNI.

  • Custom Carrds. (Examples: one / two / three) $5 for a Carrd with up to 4 pages. (Additional pages can be discussed, price depending on complexity)

  • We will need to do a lot of communication during this process, and we're generally fine with making adjustments. Some things we'll need to know: Any colors/fonts/etc that you absolutely do or do not want; shapes, styles, shadows; Images you want us to use as inspiration or use in the Carrd

  • Also: It is perfectly fine to just draw a Carrd layout in Ms paint or something and have us try to create it!

we might do:

  • Not safe for work/sexual emojis (Ask! Depends on our comfort)

  • Other graphic design stuff! We have experience making advertisement flyers, book covers, Etsy store graphics, YouTube thumbnails... And more! Just ask us about it.

we won't do:

  • Things relating to specific cultures we aren't a part of, unless the requester is of that culture (AAVE, ASL, etc)

  • Anything related to countryhumans/Countryballs or Hetalia, or any other fandom that stereotypes cultures in a similar way

terms of service:

  • To get started: Send us a message Turnaround time for each commission is one week at most - we don't expect to take that long, really.

  • You may generally use the finished product for whatever you like, with some exceptions. You may not resell it, use for anything NFT-related, claim as your own, or edit it (unless otherwise specified).

  • You must credit us for our work wherever you might use it.

  • You are not permitted to use our work for commercial purposes (such as printing it on merch), unless otherwise specified.

  • Just so you're aware: Wordmojis/other computer-generated emojis may contain stock image assets. We exclusively use stock image assets that are free for commercial use without attribution. Everything that goes into what we make for you will be within its original usage rights.

  • When it comes to redrawing "cursed" emojis: We will only 'redraw' emojis that are by Orquidia and Juckedj [link to post about this TBA], or by other artists who have said they're ok with people taking commissions based on those emojis.

  • Changes around the halfway point of a drawn emoji are free.

info for the mods

We love you mods (/platonic)! It makes us really happy that anyone is willing to help us with our big mass of emoji servers so thank you very much for being around.

mandatory mod duties:

  • join the hub server

  • join whichever other emoji server/s you want to be in (the more servers you're in, the more it helps, but we understand if there's only a few you can join!)

  • every week or so, look at people who've joined and check if they have some sort of link in their profile that indicates they are on the DNI. people who are expressly on the DNI continue to join our server/s all the time and it's annoying and triggering. you don't have to go on a full hunt for anyone's socials or something creepy, but if they link a carrd/tumblr/rentry/neocities/etc and it says right there "DNI: antishippers, endos, bi lesbians" - that is conflicting with the server's DNI, and they are breaking the rules. you can ban them with no warning since they are breaking the rules. (you can use carl bot to ban someone and log a reason why, there's a pinned message you can copy-paste and fill in with the information in #mod-chat)

  • when someone boosts the server: give the @Server Booster role the correct permissions in #booster-chat

  • please let me know if anything posted in the #cast-your-vote channels reaches enough votes to be added

optional mod duties:

  • join the ban appeals server

  • upload these emojis to each server that you join if they aren't there already

  • bump the server/s you're in once in a while by typing /bump in #bot-commands

  • help keep the counting game going by sending the next number in #counting-game

  • save your counting game progress by sending c!vote in #bot-commands

  • we post work in progress things and new ideas for the servers in #mod-chat sometimes, replying to those and letting us know what you think is nice

  • let us know which discord server/s we should make next

  • send links to the servers to your friends who you think might want to join

  • writing image descriptions for the stickers in each server so we can add them to the sticker

other notes:


by us:

other sites for emojis/stickers/etc:


woops! that server's not open to the public yet

the server you were looking for isn't open to the public yet! we probably haven't finished setting it up. (if you think this was a mistake, please use the #talk-to-me channel in any server to ask.)
we open new servers to the public based on ko-fi goals. making discord servers is a HUGE time investment for us - it does literally take us multiple days to set up a new one. we have to spend time finding, hand-making, and downloading emojis, setting up bot automation, and kinds of other stuff.
if you'd like to help the newest server along, consider dropping us a buck or two on ko-fi.

list of emojis we've made

we've made a TON of nonverbal communication emojis (emojis that just display words). it's kinda hard to keep track, but we will try.we decided to just make a google doc where we can paste the words from each emoji in a big list! you can use ctrl+f to search to see if we've ever made something. warning: it's really fucking long so a bad internet connection will struggle to load it
feel free to ask us, "where can i find the emoji that says (insert thing)?" and we will happily link you!